B’nai Noach Torah Institute

23 Chodesh Shemini 5768

Observances & Rules
For Free Course Students

The requirements for students learning in a Free Course are to honor the Holy Names of G-d and to use proper grammar and spelling.Students who enroll in a Free Course at B'nai Noach Torah Institute should familiarize themselves with the Observances and Rules below.

Observances & Rules
For Dr. Akiva Gamliel's Classmates

Below are Observances we require of classmates who complete The Five Step Learning Process and who desire to enroll in a formal course of learning at B'nai Noach Torah Institute with Dr. Akiva Gamliel.

Hashem’s Name, Attributes and Actions Are Holy.
1.) Use capital letters for any word that represents our Creator. If one makes reference to the Creator as He or as Him or one quotes the Creator from Ha Torah using the word Me or the word My, a capital is necessary. Use a capital for any word that describes The Creator’s Actions, such as He Created or G-d Commanded. Use a capital for any word that is specifically used to describe an attribute of the Creator, such as His Love or Hashem’s Loving Kindness.

2.) Use a dash any time you make reference to any English Name of the Creator.
For example:  G-d, G-D, L-rd, L-RD, El-him {pronounced Elokim}, Ad-ni, Ad-noy, Adoshem Yud - Kay - Vav - Kay {spelling of Hashem’s Name - the letters may be pronounced but Hashem’s Holy Name may not be pronounced}. Hashem is the Holiest Name of our Creator. As classmates study at B’nai Noach Torah Institute, they learn why this is required.

Ha Torah Teaches us not to Blaspheme the Holy Names.
3.) We do not say or write the following Names:
J-e-h-o-v-a-h,     Y - H- W – Y,     Y-a-w- -w-a-y   or    Y-a-w--W-e-h

Ha Torah Teaches us not to lie, misrepresent what is true or be deceptive.
4.) Use of the following words and concepts are not permitted when corresponding with us at B’nai Noach Torah Institute:

Ha Torah Teaches that Jesus is not the Messiah, our salvation or the savior of the world.
- We do not call Jesus Yeshua.
- We do not refer to Jesus as the Christ or the Messiah or the Moshiach or Ha Moshiach

Jesus is not a Novie {Prophet}
- We do not call Jesus a Prophet

G-d Is Echad. G-d Is One.  G-d Does Not Reproduce.
- We do not call Jesus the son of G-d

Only the Torah of Hashem Is Perfect. Tehillim {Psalms} 19.8
- The New Testament is not Divinely Inspired or perfect.  We do not call the New
Testament the Brit Ha Dah Shaw.
- We do not refer to the New Testament as the Scripture or the Scriptures
- We do not refer to Ha Tenach {Ha Torah, Ha Novium / the Prophets or Ha Ketuvim /
the Writings} as the Old Testament


1.) B’nai Noach Torah Institute is an institute of higher learning.  We expect those who learn with us and communicate with us to use proper grammar and spelling.  It is necessary to spell check each communication with us!  If classmates are careless with grammar and spelling after several warnings we may charge for unnecessary correcting and grading of assignment based on $20.00 per hour with a $5.00 minimum.  Dear one, what we are trying to say is please be careful. Read your assignment answers several times. Please proofread your communications with us before e-mailing them. We do not want to spend time on spelling and grammar issues. We want to use our time learning Ha Torah.

2.) All answers to the questions in this lesson must be from your own words or quoted from Ha Tenach. Please do not paraphrase Ha Tenach. Use
direct quotes. When using a direct quote from Ha Tenach or another source, it must be italicized and referenced. Do not use double quotes marks!!

3.) In your correspondence with B’nai Noach Torah Institute, please use only html format, 14 point Helvetica Font.

4.) All assignments should be in black print.

5.) Include the question with your answer. Do not send answers only. Write your answer under the question.

6.) Please return your answer within seven days or make arrangements for an extension.

7.) All references must be referenced.  NOTICE examples.

8.) B’nai Noach Torah Institute follows the normal college format expected when referencing.
- We require direct quotes of the subject. Do not paraphrase what the author of the article is saying.
- Identify the publisher – This is the individual / organization that publishes the web site
- Identify the publisher’s affiliation – Is the publisher Jewish? Is the publisher observant?
Normally we do not permit quotes from non-Jewish or non-observant sources.
- Identify the author of the article - Is the author Jewish? Is the author observant?
- Establish the author’s credibility – What are the author’s credentials?. Why should we
accept the author as an authority?
- What is the location of the publisher?
- What is the date of publication?
- What is the page of the publication you are quoting from?


‘Chava gave birth to five children, to Kayin together with a twin sister and to Hevel who was born with two twin sisters.’ [1]
[1] Rabbi Moshe Weissman, The Midrash Says (Brooklyn, New York:  Benei Yakov Publications, 1980), p. .60.

Adam lived with his wife and she gave birth to two sons and three daughters.’ [2]
[2] Sefer HaYashar (Hoboken New Jersey, KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1993) p.8

Quoting From The Internet:
Use an approved, recognized, established source. After applicants complete The Five Step Enrollment Process they have access to the Services Page which lists which web sites are approved. 
- List the Name of Internet Site.
- List the author of article. - If the author is not listed this weakens the quote.  If it is a
quote from an organization list the organization. If the author is unknown say ‘Author
- List the article name.
- List the article date. If the date is not known say ‘Date unknown’.
- List the actual web page location.  DO NOT LIST JUST THE INDEX PAGE!

B’nai Noach Torah Institute does not permit quotes from just any source. Source Information must be verifiable. In Judaism and Spirituality we always ask; where did you learn this? Providing the above information may establish what you stated. At least we have the opportunity to view the entire picture.

An example:
Notice Matthew 27:62 - 28:15 -
Listen to the audio.

Do you change, to capitalize the verb even in a direct quote from a specific book, bible or lexicon???  I had always been taught that a 'quote' had to be quoted exactly -- is this something that  I need to 'zero out?'

There are two ways to handle this.  When one knows that the spelling / capitalization is not correct, they may follow the error with [sic]  in brackets as displayed or they may correct the error [change] in brackets as displayed.  The word in the brackets is used to indicate that the word used by the author was deliberately changed.  I will add this to our discussion on the rules regarding quotes.

Let us follow gods of others that you did not know and we shall worship them!’ – do not hearken to the words of that prophet or to that dreamer of a dream, for HASHEM your God, is
testing {sic} you to know whether you love HASHEM, your God {sic}, with all your heart and with all your soul. This method is acceptable however I prefer [G-d, Is Testing] and [HASHEM your G-d]. Using the brackets teaches the correct usage. I prefer teaching to correcting.

09.) At B’nai Noach Torah Institute we use the calendar established in Ha Torah by our Creator to communicate, not the Gregorian calendar or the Babylonian calendar. The purpose and practice of Torah - Loo Ach - Shaw Naw will be more evident after we study this subject. We discuss this in several lessons from now.. Don’t push any panic buttons!

10.) We request that applicants and classmates use the words B’nai Noach Torah Institute instead of the initials BNTI.  Why?  Writing B’nai Noach Torah Institute supports the keyword searches on the internet that BNTI does not.

11.) All lessons are sent as word documents and MP3 audio Attachments.

12.) Receiving e-mail from B’nai Noach Torah Institute etc.
- Place us in your addresss book
- Notifry us od e-mail box changes

13.) Questions! Dear one, we have many courses designed to cover most of your questions. Subjects that are not related to the course of study are reserved for their own particular course.  Each course has boundaries that we must stay within.  We do not permit our classmates to wander in any direction.  We must insist upon course structure.  This means we may not answer every question asked.

The purpose of our rules is to be careful. Ha Torah Teaches us to be very careful in EVERYTHING we do. If a classmate is careless with spelling, grammar and how the Creator’s Name is handled, they must take immediate steps to correct this or they will not be able to learn at B’nai Noach Torah Institute. We expect our classmates to be careful in how they handle what they learn from us and from Ha Torah.
An example of carelessness is the New Testament. There are over 200,000 errors within the text of the New Testament. There are spelling errors, punctuation errors, missing letters, missing words, etc.

Ha Torah Has zero errors. Why? First, ‘Toh Raht - Hashem - Tih Mee Maw’ {the Torah of Hashem Is Perfect}. Second, the Scribes who write the Torah scroll are extremely careful. Ha Torah Has 79,976 words. Ha Torah Has 304,805 letters. If one letter is added to or missing from Ha Torah, Ha Torah is not valid. If one word is misspelled in Ha Torah - G-d Forbid! - or if a letter is out of place in Ha Torah - G-d Forbid! - Ha Torah is not valid. This is why it is absolutely necessary for us to be careful in our writing. We must be careful in handling Letters and Words of Ha Torah.  In addition, the New Testament writers did not quote Ha Torah. They used careless paraphrases.  In Judaism and Spirituality we do not permit this!

The observances and rules may seem a little tough, but they’re not really that difficult.  Our Teachers work with everyone to help them.  And after a few lessons, it comes naturally.  Most individuals take it as a challenge and find it exciting.  A few worry that they won’t get it but find out that it’s pretty easy to pick it up.  If you have concerns or questions, at the very bottom of the page is an e-mail address we hope you will use to discuss any concerns or ask any questions.

Blessings & Peace,
Naomi Leah

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